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Trena J Myers, MBA
Art Therapist, Intuitive Abstract Artist, Book Publishing Coach and coach.

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Trena J Myers is an intuitive abstract artist and an Emory University trained health coach. She empowers busy overworked people to connect to their inner child, and let go of stress. She is the founder of the Color Theory Code, a safe place for creative healing. We have all gone through some sort of trauma. Broken crayons still color, so lets make a fun mess!

Trena is an entrepreneur owning her art and coaching business since 2014, DesignsbyTrena! 

When Trena is not painting or designing, she enjoys spending time with her children, two grandchildren, being a mermaid, hiking, kayaking, and volunteering. She has numerous organizations that she has volunteered her time providing emotional wellness workshops. More information about her volunteerism can be found below. 

Coming from a long line of family being in the military and was raised in the Air Force, she has traveled majority of her life, and her son decided to take the same route living in Europe.

She began to form her incredible work ethic at a young age, spending time to create her work environment, living her platform, and practicing in pursuit of the ultimate goal: to be counted among the top influence's in the world. 

The Global Continental National Pageant

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“Do exactly what you would do if you felt most secure”

Meister Eckhart



Achieving success as a well-renowned Art Therapist and Emotional Wellness coach was no walk in the park for Trena. She worked incredibly hard to perfect her coaching style, developing a genuine and unique workshop experience. Always eager for new opportunities to diversify an already impressive portfolio, she is constantly seeking to work with new clients and organizations.

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Sponsored Workshops

Trena considers herself so blessed to have an incredible job she loves that is both challenging and fulfilling. Yet, none of what she does would be nearly as meaningful without an audience to share it with. Stay up to date on all the latest news about the projects, events, and community work that she is involved. The following groups/organizations received art therapy workshop sponsorship. Thank you for your contributions to make these workshops happen.

The physical action of tearing paper and

Northside Hospital

Day 3 of donating my time and sharing my

Sex Trafficking Survivors Organization


Women Empowerment S. Africa

Emotional Wellness Watercolor painting

Girl Scout Troops Across the US

Empowered Creative Mindset Journal

IamLov Organization

Creative Problem Solving

Sparkle Health and Wellness Workshop

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Community Engagement and Collaborations

Giving Back

The causes that Trena cares about in the world are a major influence on the philanthropic efforts they get involved with. Trena has many goals when it comes to tackling the tough issues in the world, and tries to structure their charitable initiatives in a way that makes achieving those goals realistic. Learn more about the causes supported below.


Gwinnett County Schools

Trena has supported and been actively involved with this organization since 2019. This is a project and a cause that she takes very seriously, and has collaborated with three different groups who have contributed over 20lbs of plastic lids that will be melted into a bench.

Gwinnett County Parks and Rec

With this initiative, she worked with the parks and rec, and senior centers in Gwinnett County Georgia to provide health education, health coaching and encouragement in a walk and talk campaign.

Jr Achievement Mentor

This organization is dedicated to supporting education in the financial, business and entrepreneurial fields . They want to make a positive and lasting impact on middle school students lives, and are always looking for new and innovative ways to make a real difference. Trena served as a mentor to two groups to come up with a business and marketing strategy.

Paper Heart Campaign

Trena has supported and been actively involved with this organization since 2016. She led this campaign with collaboration from three groups to create paper hearts to encourage healthcare workers during COVID-19.

Kidfitstrong Challenge in Piedmont Park

With this initiative, the goal is to promote healthy lifestyles for children in need all over the metro Atlanta area. Easy access to the proper equipment and facilities for the youth around the world can empower them with the ability to pursue their dreams, and develop a fun and healthy hobby that improves the quality of their lives.

Georgia HOSA

Georgia HOSA is the largest organization in the world that supports High School students who are learning and interested in exploring health careers. Trena was a presenter and judge for the State conference and has been involved with this organization since 2008.

Rare Strides

Rare Strides is an organization that provides education to physicians and healthcare providers about rare diseases. 

Trena provides graphic design and volunteers over 10 hours a month. 

IamLov Organization

Trena collaborated with Ms. Woman United States 2020, Joanna Trailov, and her non-profit organization IamLov presenting art therapy for her Health and Wellness Summit and a Cruise for Lov offering an IGTV Fitness segment and is planning Create Lov Art Gallery Show in July 2021. Trena is the Vice President of this organization providing over 40 hours of volunteer hours per month. 

Gwinnett County Dept of Child Services

Collected and distributed book bags for foster care kids back to school needs.

Rainbow Village

This charity is dedicated to supporting individuals going through difficult times and living in dire circumstances. They want to make a positive and lasting impact on their lives, and are always looking for new and innovative ways to make a real difference. No matter which community you’re from, those in need deserve help and support. Rainbow Village is a transition community for families with children located in Gwinnett County. We raised money to provide art supplies to the children.

Walk MS Atlanta 2020

Serving as co-captain leading a hospital team in one of the top fundraising teams benefiting Multiple Sclerosis.

Immune Deficiency Foundation

The Atlanta walk for the Immune Deficiency Foundation has been an organization very dear and close to Trena's heart as an individual living with an immune deficiency. She led a team in raising funds for the virtual walk to include a $2000 Corporate sponsorship from a metro Atlanta hospital. 

Trena also provided art therapy for one of the support groups in central Georgia. 

Lions Club Drive Up Food Drive

The Lions Club with collaboration with the Rotary Clubs in Gwinnett, and Trena helped distribute 1400 boxes of fresh food to the community.

Gwinnett County Chamber

Trena was nominated and selected as a finalist in the Gwinnett County Chamber Moxie Award in the Pay it Forward Category. This award recognizes women in the community who contribute, or pay it forward. 

Gwinnett Coalition of Health and Human Services

Lead a book drive for ages 0-8 with her work team donating over 20 books.

How YOU can Help

Marketing Kit

Marketing kit purchase of $1000 or greater, receives an exclusive media kit with appearance opportunities virtually or in person.


Create Lov, Art Heals. Adult Reverse Coloring book, we provide the colors and you create the lines. Autograph copy includes shipping. Proceeds go to and Rare Strides education and retreats.



Medical Creations Integrative Medicine

Neurofeedback and Medical Weight Loss


Untold Woman

Untold Women is an international organization that shares the stories of women who are empowered to make a difference in their community.

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Ms Classic Georgia Clobal Continental

February 2021-October 2021

Serving as the inaugural Ms.Classic GA title, placed 1st RUP at Nationals and received the Director's Award.

Ms. Woman Georgia United States 2020

February 2020-January 2021

Represented the State of Georgia and received the Congeniality Award at the National Competition.

Local and State Titles


Took a 10 year break from competing. Held numerous local and state titles between 2001-10. Representing Iowa, Texas, Alabama, North Carolina and Georgia and local communities.

MOA local prelim director


Local MOA director and certified judge in the states of Iowa and Missouri.

Mrs. Iowa United States 1999


Top 20 at National competition.

Mrs. Lee County America 1998


Competed in my first pageant in the Mrs. division representing my county, Lee County Iowa at the State Mrs. Iowa America pageant.



Atlanta, Georgia


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